Castalla’s Social Welfare Department launches a questionnaire on work-life balance in order to design local equality policies.

  • People over the age of 16 can take part in the initiative of the Department of Social Welfare, part of the 2nd Municipal Equality Plan

Castalla Town Council has launched an online questionnaire on work-life balance aimed at local citizens. The Department of Social Welfare has promoted this anonymous form in collaboration with the consultancy firm EQUÀLITAT. The initiative is part of the actions carried out within the framework of the 2nd Municipal Equality Plan. The councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, said that “the questionnaire is a tool to know the opinion of the population of Castalla in relation to different aspects of Equality that will help us to better focus public policies”.

In this sense, the Council is carrying out this proposal with the aim of promoting a quality balance between personal, family and working life, as well as encouraging co-responsibility. That is, the balanced distribution of household chores and care of family members among people living together. In addition, the questionnaire offers the people of Castalla the option to actively participate by answering the questions.

Specifically, this questionnaire is aimed at people over 16 years of age. It is a completely anonymous form and will be open to residents until Friday, 14 May 2021. It can also be accessed via the following link:

The battery of questions will ask local residents anonymously about their socio-economic situation, with specific questions about the type of work they do and their satisfaction with their current situation. The form also asks about the possibilities for training and promotion in the company. On the other hand, the questions ask about one’s personal and family situation. Overall, it seeks to find out the possibilities of reconciling personal and working life and the degree of conformity of citizens with the existing reality. Finally, the form gives users the opportunity to propose the measures they consider appropriate to improve these aspects. The questionnaire also addresses the role of the City Council in this area.

Once the deadline has passed, a report will be drawn up with the results obtained, with the aim of adopting the appropriate and necessary measures to improve and favour work-life balance for the whole population.

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