Castalla intensifies the actions against rodents to avoid their presence in the summer

  • The monitoring points shall apply to sewage networks and underground facilities, public watercourses, sewers and abandoned spaces

Castalla Town Council has launched a rodent control campaign in the town to prevent the proliferation of these animals through the company in charge of the Ambiqai Sanidad Ambiental service. The Department of Environment has reinforced these actions since last week to prevent the growth of this pest, with the aim of acting before the population grows and reduce the degree of infestation as much as possible. Rodent control is carried out throughout the year as part of the rat extermination, pest control and disinfection service. Thus, with the arrival of summer and the rise in temperatures, favourable conditions for rodents, the Consistory has redoubled its efforts to keep the number of rodents within reasonable criteria.

The councillor for the Environment, Asun Vera, explained that “the campaign consists of intensifying work in the different areas of action necessary to prevent and control the proliferation of rodents in Castalla”. In this sense, the councillor detailed that control points will be set up “in sewage networks and underground installations, public waterways, sewers and those areas of our city that are conducive to the proliferation of pests”. In fact, municipal sewage networks in cities are one of the favourite places for rats.

Control points will also be set up in the most problematic areas of the capital of La Foia. In this way, treatments will also take into account crossroads, headwaters, terminals and points with low flow. For its part, the technical staff will pay special attention to the surveillance of these areas in order to maintain control over rodent populations in the municipality.

In addition, Asun Vera, the councillor responsible for the environmental area, stressed “the importance of pest control treatments to ensure the good state of public health in Castalla, especially in the summer, between the months of May and September, when we must be especially responsible”. Vera also addressed the public, who “can contribute with simple actions such as avoiding leaving food on the streets for animals, not leaving rubbish outside the bins and keeping private plots in good condition”.

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