Castalla Town Council promotes the creation of the Local Council for Childhood and Adolescence

  • The action is financially supported by the Diputación de Alicante and seeks to encourage the participation of local teenagers

Castalla Town Council has promoted the creation of the Local Council for Children and Adolescents. This is the collegiate body of participation and advice of the locality. The aim is to promote and facilitate the involvement of children and adolescents in decision-making and deliberation processes in matters that directly or indirectly affect their rights and legitimate interests.

The council will be organised in plenary sessions and internal working commissions. These will include elected officials from both the government team and numerous representatives of the different municipal groups with plenary representation; administrative staff from an area related to the field of childhood, adolescence or citizen participation; as well as representatives of the parents’ associations of the city’s pupils; together with children and adolescents in the 5th year of Primary Education and 2nd and 4th year of Secondary Education (ESO).

Castalla NdP Consejo Local

The councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, explained that the creation of this council “responds to the commitment of the current government team to promote the participation of children and adolescents in decision-making and deliberative bodies. At the same time, we are disseminating the democratic values of equality, fraternity, freedom, consensus and respect for diversity among the younger population”.

For her part, the councillor highlighted the suitability of creating institutional mechanisms for channelling the demands and interests of young people. According to the councillor, “this makes it possible to design programmes, plans and projects that make Castalla a child- and adolescent-friendly city”.

It should be noted that minors interested in forming part of this municipal body must present their candidacy at the secretary’s office of the school or institute where they are enrolled. They will be subject to a selection process managed by the educational centre itself and, in the event of being elected, they must have the express authorisation of their mother, father, guardian or local representative.

The constitution of the Local Council for Childhood and Adolescence will be effective three months after the publication of its regulations in the Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante. At present, the draft of this document is being studied by the competent technical staff.

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