Endoterapia Castalla

Castalla carries out the campaign against the pine processionary in the groves of the town

The Department of the Environment has carried out the endotherapy treatment for the second consecutive…

Judoca Castalla Mireia Rodríguez

Castalla gives out 4,000 euros to local elite athletes to support them in their disciplines

The Department of Sports has doubled the amount of the academic sports scholarship, each person…


The Local Police of Castalla seize a marijuana plantation in collaboration with the Guardia Civil

The officers have made the arrest after several weeks of monitoring and surveillance work The…

Actividades 9 de octubre castalla (2)

Castalla celebrates 9 October with a programme of telematic activities aimed at children

Festivities distribute a thousand kits with information leaflets and the necessary material for children to…

Presentació Pla Infancia

Castalla presents the first Childhood and Adolescence Plan in the history of the municipality

The presentation of this initiative will be made telematically and will be broadcast on Friday…

Ecoparque móvil Castalla (3)

Castalla carries out an awareness day on waste recycling in the mobile eco-park

The activity, organised together with the Consorcio de Residuos Crea, aims to raise awareness and…

Polideportivo de Castalla

Castalla launches the Contingency Plan in front of the Covid-19 for the use of the sports centre

The Department of Sports has met with all the clubs and sports schools to explain…


Local Police of Castalla starts a campaign to strengthen road safety in the municipality

The controls begin on September 14 and with the data collected a report will be…

Castalla apuesta por la coeducación (1)

Castalla launches a municipal campaign to raise awareness of education and shared responsibility

The #YoCoeduco initiative includes a workshop for local AMPAS and a street campaign to raise…


Castalla City Council promotes electronic administration and facilitates procedures through the web

Citizens can complete most of the paperwork from home without having to go to the…

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