Castalla NdP Ajudes educació i esport (2)

Castalla invests 55,500 euros in grants for local students and elite sportsmen and women

The educational grants are aimed at children in nursery school, university students and students in…

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The ‘Violet Point’ of the Moors and Christians Festivities of Castalla attends to 500 people of all ages

The service of the Department of Social Welfare and the Red Cross has provided useful…

Castalla Targetes Regal copia

Castalla Town Council promotes local commerce with an investment of 73,000 euros in gift cards

The Consistory increases the amount of the cards to promote consumption and achieve a total…

Castalla Reconquista del vidrio

Castalla Town Council promotes the defence of the environment during the Moors and Christians

The ‘Glass Reconquest’ campaign includes the installation of containers next to the festival venues to…


Castalla definitively approves the Local Waste Management Plan of the municipality

The document seeks to regulate the Consistory’s lines of action in the field of waste,…

Castalla Jornades Medievals Castell (3)

Castalla returns to the Middle Ages with the dramatised medieval days at the Castle

The fight of knights, dances, musical performances and alchemists will be the protagonists of the…


Castalla celebrates ‘LGTBIQ+ Pride Week’ with workshops, games and plays

The Department of Social Welfare will light up the castle in rainbow colours and paint…

Castalla Llenguatge Inclusiu

Castalla Town Council publishes a guide to inclusive language for municipal personnel

The document is a tool to eliminate gender discrimination and will be used internally by…

RdP Aplec de les Danses dels Pobles de la Mariola (4)

Castalla will be the setting for the 16th ‘Aplec de les Danses dels pobles de la Serra Mariola’

Ten towns will dance through the streets of the town on 11 June to keep…

Castalla Semana Medio Ambiente (3)

Castalla raises awareness of the natural environment with the celebration of Environment Week 2022

The Department of the green area has programmed activities between 25 May and 5 June…

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