Muralla Castalla (2)

Castalla invests 142,638 euros to restore the medieval wall and adapt the hermitage of La Sang

The project, of a biannual nature, has a maximum grant of 40,000 euros from the…

Castalla Confinamiento Perimetral (2)

Infections are multiplying in Castalla despite to perimeter confinement by the coronavirus

In the town there are 158 active cases of Covid-19 and the cumulative incidence reaches…

Castalla COVID19 (2)

Castalla closes the facilities and public buildings due to the increase of the Covid-19

The City Council has implemented new measures and restrictions, effective until January 1, to bend…

RdP Presupuestos Castalla (1)

Castalla presents the 2021 budgets with a marked social character to combat the crisis generated by the COVID-19

The importance of social services and the lowering of taxes for citizens are the most…

Belén Navidad Castalla (2)

Castalla presents the Christmas programme adapted to the measures to avoid the Covid-19

The activities are centred on the collection of letters, the Royal Camp and the Parade…


Castalla promotes a Christmas campaign to support the hotel industry and local commerce

The initiative of the Department of Commerce aims to boost Christmas shopping with draws, competitions,…

Castalla Fuegos Artificiales

Castalla will host a fireworks display by the Provincial Council to celebrate Constitution Day

The fireworks of the project ‘Vuelve la luz’ (Light returns) will be shot in five…

EQUALITAT Castalla_baner -  GENERAL

The City Council launches the municipal campaign against gender violence ‘Castalla #ContigoSiempre

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of this scourge and inform citizens…

Furgoneta Ayuntamiento de Castalla

Castalla acquires a van for social and educational transport for 37,980 euros

The association Despertar, which is managed by the Department of Social Services, will be in…

Castalla construcción pozo de agua (2)

Castalla starts the construction of a water well in a new aquifer to supply the city

The project will help reverse the water deficit in the capital of La Foia and…

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