Castalla City Council replaces the grass of the football field with an investment of 270,518 euros

  • The Diputación de Alicante covers with a subsidy almost the totality of the works of improvement of the municipal facilities

Castalla Town Hall has begun work on replacing the artificial turf on the football pitch, located in the Municipal Sports Centre. The total budget for the work to be carried out amounts to 270,518.88 euros. Of this amount, the Provincial Council of Alicante is subsidizing almost the entire work with the contribution of 264,758.99 euros. For its part, the City Council contributes 5,759.89 euros to the work. It should be noted that only 10 municipalities in the province have been able to access this aid, designed by the entity Alicante to make financially sustainable investments.

As for the work, last Wednesday began the removal of the old carpet, surface layer of the field, with the expectation of finishing completely remove all layers in the middle of this week. The installation of the new artificial turf surface is now scheduled to begin.

The Councillor for Sports, Román Sáez, said that “the football field in Castalla can be ready in 2 or 3 weeks. It is a fundamental investment since this sports facility is about 13 years old”. In addition, Sáez has put in value the project, since according to has explained, “by the characteristics of the investment, the cost of the same one and the durability of facilities like the soccer field, not all the equipment of government has the possibility of carrying out them”.

Due to the health and economic crisis generated by the Covid-19, the Football Federation of the Valencian Community decided to suspend all territorial competitions on 11 March. At this juncture, the government team has decided to advance this improvement in facilities, initially planned for the summer, in time for the C.F. Castalla can start the 2020-2021 season with the new turf on its return to training.

Despite the crisis situation generated by the coronavirus, Saez said that from the Department of Sports “we continue working so that, with the return to normal, the residents of Castalla can enjoy our facilities in the best possible conditions. Finally, the mayor has reported that much of the grass removed will serve to improve other areas of the municipal sports complex.

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