Castalla City Council will allow hospitality establishments to expand the space on their terraces


The Castalla City Council has transmitted to the representatives of the Hospitality Association its intention to allow the expansion of the space of its terraces to accommodate a few more tables and thus offset the reduction in capacity established by the decree of the state of alarm in each case . The meeting, in which the president of the group, Sergio Iborra, together with members of the board of directors, together with the mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu and the councilor for Commerce, Maite Gimeno, as well as the head of the Local Police, participated, Juan Carlos Mota, has served for entrepreneurs to express their needs and concerns to the government team, since almost two months have passed since the closure of their businesses due to the coronavirus crisis; For its part, the first mayor has transmitted to the hoteliers “the clear intention of the City Council to help the sector in our municipality as much as possible.”

In this direction, the highest police officer has transmitted to the representatives of the bars and restaurants the procedure that they must follow to undertake the expansion of their spaces open to the public, which firstly involves making the corresponding request to the City Council. Subsequently, the Local Police officers inspect the requested area of ​​occupation and establish the viability of said request by virtue of the traffic on each street, width of roads and sidewalks, access to garages or doorways of dwellings, and even risks of inconvenience to neighbors or the generation of problems for the mobility of people with disabilities. All those present have agreed on the difficulties of undertaking some of these measures due to the ambiguity of the standard approved by the Ministry of Health.

The decision to streamline and make more flexible the procedures for the expansion of the terraces of the Castalla hospitality businesses joins the one announced last week to repeal the fee ordinance that establishes their free admission. Hence, Bernabeu has made it clear to the members of the association that “whatever happens or whatever is said always go to the City Council to inform themselves of all the decisions or measures that are put in place to avoid hoaxes and erroneous interpretations, or what is worse, malicious ”, as he recalled that has happened on other occasions.

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