Castalla City Council performs 52 rapid tests on its workers to detect whether they have passed the coronavirus

  • The Consistory has adapted to teleworking in an agile and efficient way thanks to the investment in computer software in recent years
  • The Health and Safety Committee approved the protocol of action for municipal employees against the virus in the de-escalation process

Castalla Town Council has carried out rapid tests on 52 of its workers to detect whether they have passed the coronavirus. The civil servants, technicians, social services staff and local police were subjected to these tests yesterday, which, from a blood sample, are able to detect whether the body has produced antibodies against the virus. The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, wanted to make it clear that “we have prioritized knowing the status of municipal workers who have continued to exercise their duties to the public, we politicians have not been tested. The MPE group, an occupational risk prevention company, has been responsible for carrying out these medical tests for a total amount of 2,600 euros.

The tests, which will allow to know what percentage of workers of the City Council has been in contact with the Covid-19, are the first measure taken by the government team to start the de-escalation in the Consistory. The result of the tests will be given to the workers individually, by means of a notice, within a period of 48 to 72 hours.

In the current situation of health crisis generated by the Coronavirus, the City Council has been able to implement teleworking among its staff efficiently thanks to the investment in computer software that it has made during the last few years. Bernabeu has stated that “when telematic work was imposed, the Castalla Town Hall already had the necessary means to be able to function without problems. We have adapted with agility to the new changing panorama”.

In addition, the municipality’s Health and Safety Committee recently approved the action protocol for municipal employees against coronavirus in the de-escalation process. Among other measures, the protocol contemplates the creation of differentiated circulation circuits inside the building, to avoid agglomerations in the common areas, or the installation of separating screens in the work stations. On the other hand, the Councillor for Internal Regime, Gema Sánchez, has assured that “all the decisions we take have as an objective that the workers of the town hall can return to work in person with the maximum guarantees”.

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