Castalla City Council approves the procedures for the construction of the new sewage treatment plant

  • The sewerage and WWTP collector, demanded for years by the residents of Castalla Internacional, will cost 411,040 euros

The Castalla Town Hall has approved the project for the construction of a new water treatment plant, which will serve the Castalla Internacional development, for an amount of 411,040.17 euros. This allows the Council to start the bidding process for the work, which is a historical demand of the residents of the area. The new infrastructure will also provide the residents of this development with the facilities they need. The Mayor of the city, Antonio Bernabeu, has stated that “the government team has been fighting to reach this point since 2015, when we started to process all the necessary documents to be able to build the water treatment plant”.

At the last municipal plenary session, held on 27 May, three key points were approved to make the project a reality. On the one hand, the City Council was trained as an urbanizing agent, on the other hand, the green light was given to the new technical solution -which goes from expanding the existing sewage treatment plant to building a new one- and, finally, the approval of the project of the sewage and WWTP collector. The City Council has decided to use 853,121.10 euros of the guarantee to tackle the three pending infrastructures required in the second phase of Castalla Internacional, that is: the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant, the fitting out of two green areas and the last wearing course of the streets.

Once these steps have been completed, the Town Hall will be able to receive the second phase of Castalla Internacional, and the residents of the area will be able to obtain the first occupation licenses that will enable them to contract electricity and water in their homes. The Councillor for Urban Planning, Raquel Guill, stresses the importance of the project because “with these infrastructures the people who live in Castalla Internacional will have the same conditions as the rest of the residents of Castalla”. In addition, she continues, “the current water treatment plant has very high maintenance costs”.

The process has taken four years because in order to promote the wastewater treatment plant project, the General Plan had to be modified and a Special Plan had to be drawn up. The original land was classified as “special agricultural protection” and is now within the “primary network of equipment with use of infrastructure and urban services”. Between 2015 and 2018, a large number of procedures have been carried out with the competent administrations until final approval has been obtained.

Now, after the Regional Ministry has qualified the project as ‘public utility’, the Castalla Town Hall has the green light to occupy the land and start building the treatment plant.

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