The City Council repairs in record time the Castalla Internacional sewage pump, which broke down on Thursday

  • The action has required strict security measures to address the tragic background of last January’s settlement

The Castalla Town Hall has completed the repair of a new fault in the sewage pump located in the residential area of Castalla Internacional. The pumping station, which is located in Oviedo Street, has been discharging sewage and also water from a spring in the area into the public road since Thursday, when the breakdown of the installation was discovered. Since then, the Town Hall has tried to solve the problem, although it has been essential to involve expert personnel with special technical equipment to undertake the work with total guarantee of success, as happened last February. In this sense, the Mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has stated that “from the municipal government we have been fully aware of the need to repair this breakdown as soon as possible. This is a delicate action that has required strict safety measures to carry it out in a safe manner for workers and neighbours”.

In particular, this pump failure prevents the waste water from being adequately conveyed to the Castalla Internacional treatment plant. For this reason, the waters have overflowed and have appeared in some register of the streets of the residential area.

As soon as the malfunctioning of the impulse pump was notified, the technicians of the City Council contacted the company Hidraqua, in charge of water management in the municipality, which in turn contacted a specialized company to solve the problem of the breakage. On the other hand, during the whole weekend, a cleaning truck has worked in the problematic point to extract the spills and to transfer them to the treatment plant. This special vehicle was responsible for carrying the overflowing waste water during the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday and preventing it from reaching the streets and nearby plots of land in the urbanization.

It is important to note that this is a “very delicate” performance, as the first Castellón mayor has acknowledged. Two plumbers died last January during repair work on this same drive pump, an event that shocked the municipality of Castalla. The characteristics of the work make it necessary for the technicians of the specialized company to carry out the work in the midst of strict safety measures, using very unique personal protection equipment (PPE), a tripod to descend to the specific point where the breakdown is located and different ventilation equipment that guarantees the safety of the workers involved in the work at all times. Bernabeu explained that the tragic events of January have led the Town Hall to act “with all the rigour and prevention that the situation requires, for the good of both workers and residents”.

The problems with the impulse pump, which have forced the Town Hall to act to solve the problem on more than one occasion, will end with the construction of the new treatment plant for Castalla Internacional. The procedures were approved in the municipal plenary session on 27 May and the works are currently in the tendering phase. With the new equipment, the water will go to the treatment plant without the need to be driven by any pump, due to the force of gravity.

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