Castalla construye un circuito deportivo de ‘Pump track’ dirigido a todo tipo de usuarios

  • The Town Planning Department is investing 41,684 euros in this project and plans to undertake another project to build a skate park

Castalla Town Council has built a ‘Pump track’ circuit in De Litero street in the town, with a total investment of 41,684.50 euros. The project, which has been promoted by the Town Planning Department, will provide the town with a dedicated sports track for skateboard, bicycle and rollerblade users. The plot has a surface area of 950 m² and the length of the track is approximately 100 metres. The councillor responsible for the area, Raquel Guill, declared that “it was contracted in December and the construction has been carried out very quickly, in just three weeks, although it is not open to the public at the moment due to the restrictions in force”.

The ‘Pump track’ refers to a small sports circuit that can be covered in its entirety without using the pedals, in the case of the bicycle, or the momentum of our foot, when skateboarding. In this sense, the user must take advantage of the initial impulse and the characteristics of the terrain (slopes, jumps and gradients) to complete the route with the help of inertia alone. The expertise and skill of each individual will help him or her to successfully complete the route.

Raquel Guill, head of town planning, explained that “this is a demand that users have been asking us for a long time. With the ‘Pump track’ our residents will be able to enjoy a circuit with a bike or skateboard without the danger that exists when circulating the streets next to cars”. In addition, the councillor added that “we are going to complete the facilities with the construction of a skate park on the same site, which is expected to be finished before the end of the year”.

For his part, the Councillor for Sports, Román Sáez, stressed that “it is a dynamic bike lane, aimed at all types of users, from children to young people and also for adults in Castalla, who can make use of it and practice a very fun activity”.

For the moment, however, the Consistory assures that it will not be possible to use the ‘Pump track’ until the hygienic and sanitary conditions against the Covid-19 allow it. For the same reason, the circuit has not yet been put into operation.

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