Castalla offers tax rebates for electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce pollution

  • The Town Council approved the modification of the ordinance of the tax on mechanical traction vehicles and it has already been published in the BOP
  • The new rates will start to apply from 1 January 2022 and will remain in force until they are changed or expressly repealed

The Castalla Town Council approved in the Municipal Plenary in July the modification of the tax ordinance regulating the tax on mechanical traction vehicles and it has already been officially published in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP). In this way, the Consistory reduces taxes on electric vehicles, hybrids and those that run on gas or hydrogen as fuel to reduce pollution in the town.

Those interested can already apply for the reductions at the SUMA and consult the ordinance at the electronic headquarters. However, the new rates will be applied from 1 January next year. The Councillor for Finance, Gema Sánchez, explained that “our aim is to help those people who are committed to a form of transport that is more respectful of the environment and which, in the long term, will benefit the wellbeing of the whole population of Castalla”.

Article 3a of the ordinance sets out the different tax reductions for each type of vehicle. According to the document, the deduction depends on the type of fuel, the impact of combustion on the environment, or the characteristics of the energy used to run the engine and which have a zero polluting impact on the environment.

Castalla Bonificación vehículos eléctricos (1)

Firstly, electric, fuel cell or zero-emission vehicles will receive a 50% discount for five years. Bimodal or hybrid vehicles (electric-gasoline, electric-diesel or electric-gas engines) will receive a 40% discount for five years. Finally, vehicles that use some type of gas or its derivatives or hydrogen as fuel will also benefit from a 30% tax rebate for five years.

The councillor responsible for the area, Gema Sánchez, stressed that “vehicles with time-limited bonuses will enjoy the benefit for calendar years, from the date of their first registration”. In addition, Sánchez pointed out that “tax deductions start from the year following the date of application and cannot be retroactive”.

Castalla Bonificación vehículos eléctricos (2)

Finally, the changes approved by the Municipal Plenary also establish a 100% tax rebate for owners of historic vehicles and those that are at least twenty-five years old, counted from the date of manufacture.

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