Castalla improves the street cleaning service and reinforces it with more street sweepings in the town

  • The Council is appealing for public awareness so that the local population makes good use of the underground and overhead bins
  • The council has also increased the frequency of the collection of solid urban waste and rubbish deposited next to containers

Castalla Town Council has improved the town’s street cleaning service, which has also been reinforced with more bucketing and a higher frequency of rubbish and rubbish collection. The mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, said that “our intention is to achieve a clean Castalla, strengthen and significantly improve services at all levels in the areas that are municipal responsibility”.

The mayor explained that “this shock plan will act on different fronts in the area of cleanliness”. Firstly, the company awarded the contract is responsible for waste collection in the underground and overhead containers dedicated to solid urban waste, whether organic, plastic or cardboard. In addition, there has also been an increase in the frequency of the collection of rubbish that citizens deposit inappropriately in some streets and next to the overhead bins around the municipality. These include mattresses, chairs, toilets and household appliances that should go to the Ecopark, which can be highly polluting and have a great visual impact.

For this reason, and until the trend changes, the Consistory has reinforced the collection of rubbish so that it is carried out twice a week. In this way, said the mayor, “we are solving the problems generated by this practice, which is prohibited and harmful to the environment, while educating our neighbours so that they will gradually stop doing it and manage the waste we generate correctly”.

Secondly, the Town Council will provide more overhead bins for plastic and cardboard in the municipality, and also in the countryside, to make it easier for Castalla’s residents to access them. Finally, the street cleaning service carried out by the street sweepers has been made to coincide with street sweeping, in order to increase efficiency thanks to the coordination of these actions.

On the other hand, the mayor also informed that “we have recently carried out a cleaning campaign in different monuments identifying our city and other elements of the urban furniture, which had been flagged up, so that they look as they deserve”.

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The role of the citizens, fundamental

After the environmental awareness and citizen cleanliness campaign recently carried out by the Department of the Environment, Castalla Town Council is once again focusing on the collaboration of its citizens. For this reason, the Town Council is going to promote a letterbox initiative with the aim of informing the whole town door to door about the correct way to manage waste and explaining in which container waste should be deposited. This will specify the type of waste and whether it should go in the brown, yellow, blue or green bin. The Council will also include in the letters the sanctions established in the municipal ordinance, which includes all the regulations in this respect and the financial penalties for non-compliance.

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