Castalla hires 16 unemployed people for administrative, technical or cleaning jobs

  • The incorporations are made thanks to two grants from the Generalitat Valenciana and Labora through the Empuju and Ecovid programmes
  • The total budget of the subsidies amounts to 348,258.33 euros and the workers will have a full-time contract for one year

Castalla Town Council has hired 16 unemployed people from the municipality to carry out administrative, technical or cleaning tasks. The incorporations have been made thanks to two grants from the Generalitat Valenciana and LABORA. The grants total 348,258.33 euros. The councillor for Finance, Gema Sánchez, stressed that “these improvements to our staff will allow Castalla Town Hall to strengthen some areas”. In addition, she said, “these are jobs that will help local residents to find employment”.

On the one hand, the EMPUJU programme, endowed with 161,460.13 euros, is aimed at hiring people over 30 years of age. This section includes the recruitment of a tourism technician, a technical architect, an administrative management technician, an engineer, an administrative assistant and an administrative assistant.

On the other hand, the ECOVID plan has 186,798.20 euros for the incorporation of people under 30 years of age. Specifically, an administrative management technician, an administrative assistant, two works officers, three labourers and three cleaners have been hired.

The jobs have a duration of one year, between December 2021 and the same month in 2022. The contracts for the staff are full-time.

Reinforcement of the municipal brigade

The Council has reinforced the municipal brigade with these new additions. Eight of the new staff will be assigned to the works brigade. All of them have received a day’s training in Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP).

In addition, two people will work on repainting the horizontal road signs on the town’s roads. For their part, the three people corresponding to the cleaning staff will work in the care of the parks and gardens of the municipality. In particular, they will be working on street furniture, swings and children’s playground equipment.

Councillor Sánchez stated that “thanks to these subsidies we can reinforce the staff of the municipal corporation, which will improve the services received by the citizens of Castalla”.

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