Castalla definitively approves the Local Waste Management Plan of the municipality

  • The document seeks to regulate the Consistory’s lines of action in the field of waste, as well as contracting and citizen collaboration

Castalla Town Council has approved the new Local Waste Management Plan. The document deals with the prevention and management of the different fractions that make up household waste. The plan is valid indefinitely from the moment of its official publication in the Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante (BOP). The implementation of the plan will have an impact on the environmental improvement of the city, which will become more sustainable, as well as the increased recovery of resources contained in household waste.

The town’s mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, stressed “the importance of the Local Waste Management Plan, a guiding map to guide our town in waste management”. According to the mayor, “based on a diagnosis of the situation, it establishes the lines of action to be developed in terms of citizenship, administrative contracting and the actions of the council”. According to Bernabeu, “the application of this plan will also help us to carry out better economic and financial management of the service from the Town Hall”.

The document makes a diagnosis of the current situation of domestic waste collection in Castalla. In this way, it seeks to determine the degree of compliance with the objectives and the circumstances of the municipality in order to establish possible alternatives. The aim is to optimise waste management in the municipality. Thus, fractions such as packaging, glass, paper and cardboard, biowaste and bulky waste, among others, are of great importance in the overall composition of urban waste.

To this end, the municipality must carry out selective collection actions that reduce the quantities destined for the household waste treatment plant. In this line, the possibilities for improvement and optimisation of the service involve prevention in the generation and development of selective waste collection.

In addition, the plan also proposes the incorporation of three environmental educators to follow up the plan, inform citizens, promote responsible consumption and monitor the collection service.

As for the geographical scope, the town is part of the zonal waste plan of zone 8, corresponding to the A3 management area of the province of Alicante, which includes the regions of L’Alcoià, L’Alt Vinalopó and Vinalopó Mitjà. In its drafting, the plan takes into consideration the diversity in the distribution of the population and the particularities of Castalla. In this case, we find an urban area that is combined with more rural and less densely populated areas, including the pedanías and the residential tourist areas.

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