Castalla intensifies the cleaning and disinfection of several areas of the city and municipal buildings

  • Areas such as Social Services maintain the necessary activity to cover the most vulnerable people in the municipality

The Castalla City Council, through the Department of Health in coordination with the Department of Cleaning, has implemented a series of measures to intensify the cleaning and disinfection of different areas of the city, as well as municipal facilities and buildings, in order to eliminate any possibility of contamination of the Covid19.

Since the state of alarm was declared on March 15th, the cleaning work has not stopped, and has been carried out from the disinfection of municipal vehicles to a large part of the urban furniture, such as benches, litter bins, railings, etc. In addition, the buildings of the Rico Sapena school, Casa de Cultura, Casal Jove Auditorium, the municipal sports centre, the sick centre, Alzheimer’s, Casa del Fester, the Music Room, the Local Police facilities, the Town Hall office buildings, etc. have been disinfected.

Underground waste containers have also been disinfected, as well as the streets of the city, with the aim of eliminating possible contamination of the Covid.19 The mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, stated that “although this is not new, it should be noted that the usual street cleaning and waste collection services continue to be carried out in the same way as they were before the crisis began”.

On the other hand, in compliance with the legal regulations, we have proceeded to keep open to the public those facilities and public services identified as a minimum, for the attention of citizens who need it. In this regard, the Social Services units, together with the staff responsible for their management and operation, maintain the necessary activity to provide solutions and coverage, especially to the group of people who are most vulnerable and need help from the municipal public administration.

Likewise, the municipal offices of Secretariat and Intervention have assumed the management of the minimum administrative procedures necessary but essential for the general public, as well as the attention to the normal payment of the obligations that the City Council has contracted with companies and suppliers.

The first councillor was especially grateful for the work being done by all the workers, firstly, those who are most exposed, such as those who disinfect streets, the security forces or the toilets. In addition, Bernabeu wanted to thank the population in general for their behaviour and civic-mindedness, with the only aim of avoiding contagion and the transmission of the virus. “At the moment we are very grateful for the collaboration and implication of so many people who, in an altruistic way, are making material of sanitary protection”, has explained the mayor, who has reviewed that “also I want to be grateful for the commendable work that the councils of Health and Cleanliness are doing in these moments so complicated for all”.

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