Castalla City Council suspends the activities programmed for the coronavirus

  • Mayor Antonio Bernabeu says decisions should not cause social alarm and follow official recommendations
  • The decision is subject to the changes advised by the health authorities of the Spanish Government and the Generalitat

Castalla Town Hall has decided to postpone or suspend part of the public cultural, social, sporting and festive activities scheduled in the town until 31 March. These measures have been taken following the recommendations adopted by the Government of Spain and the Generalitat Valenciana to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The decision is subject to the changes advised by the competent health authorities, as events progress, after the last declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday 11 March.

The government team has decided not to close the public buildings, for the time being, following the recommendations of the Health Department. The various sports federations, such as the Football Federation of the Valencian Community (FFCV), have officially suspended competitions and no matches will be played over the weekend.

The Councillor for Culture, Saul Mira, stated that “the cultural programme and activities of the Casa de Cultura, the Auditorium and the Espai Jove will be postponed until later, starting with the children’s musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the film sessions planned for the weekend”.

With reference to private activities in non-public or private spaces that involve meetings or crowds, although the City Council is not competent to prohibit them, it does recommend their postponement or suspension, in accordance with the recommendations of the state and regional health authorities.

The Consistory endeavours to recall that this is an extraordinary preventive measure that has been adopted on the advice of experts and that ensures the health of all citizens and the proper functioning of health centres. The mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, has assured that “these decisions have been taken in a preventive way and that they should not be a cause of social alarm in any case”.

The measure enters into force today, Thursday, and will remain in force until 31 March 2020. However, from the City Council reiterate that the deadline, and the measures are subject to what the competent health authorities advise at all times.

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