Castalla allocates more than 100,000 euros until last March in aid to the most vulnerable neighbors and workers

  • Local government has focused on at-risk groups such as children since the onset of the coronavirus crisis
  • Home services for people in need or food distribution are the focus of most municipal workers’ wor

The health, economic and social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has not left the municipality of Castalla indifferent. In fact, in the last three months, the Castalla City Council has allocated more than 100,000 euros to cover the needs of various neighbourhood groups, groups at risk of exclusion, workers and even minors who, especially in recent weeks, are being affected by the social and employment problems that the coronavirus has generated in their families.

In this sense, both the Mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, and the Councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, have reported that the bulk of the money has been allocated to the care of groups at risk of vulnerability, also people who have been fully affected by the health crisis, especially since the decree of the State of Alarm by the Government last March 14; The third group that has aroused the greatest concern on the part of the local government, as both Bernabeu and the first deputy mayor have pointed out, has been that of minors, since many of them “are suffering this crisis on two fronts as their parents are out of work and the schools and consequently the school canteens are no longer functioning”.

In any case, and within the framework of the actions, which are carried out from different governmental spheres, regarding the State of Alarm by the COVID19 established last March 14, the Consistory took the decision to take the informative initiative on the actions that are carried out, to help different groups of people and entities. And they are the following:

– By the Decree Law 11/2020 of March 31, complementary urgent measures are adopted in the social and economic scope to face the COVID19, it includes the following measures: This norm, contains a diversity of helps to self-employed workers, in relation to bonuses of the Treasury of the Social Security, refund of quotas for days not worked, in the month of March, deferrals of payments of debts with the Social Security, authorization of remission of documents for electronic management of data, possibility of paying out of term, contributions of Social Security not entered.

Full text:

– By Decree 44/2020 of 3 April of the Council of approval of the regulatory bases of direct granting of urgent aid to self-employed workers affected by the COVID19 , funds for self-employed workers will be provided for a total amount of 57.5 million euros.

To implement the necessary documentation, a period of dates is opened to apply for this aid, ranging from 8 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, which can reach 1,500 euros for people forced to suspend their activity, or 750 euros for other self-employed workers.

The procedure for these grants will be available on the #LABORA website from Wednesday 8th April.


For its part, the City of Castalla, through the Department of Social Services, is carrying out all kinds of actions relating to individual aid to people in need. Thus, the local government has ordered the expansion of the service of home help, both in the number of professionals dedicated to these tasks, as the people who receive them, has launched a new service of food aid to children whose families are in need, and have developed coordination with the Red Cross of Ibi, to launch a service delivery of precooked food at home, for people in vulnerable situations.

Maite Gimeno reported that “although there was already a long history of coordination and collaboration between the Social Services of the City Council and Cáritas de Castalla, this service has been increased, with a great effort by both institutions, so that no one in a state of social vulnerability in Castalla is excluded from covering their basic needs”.

Finally, the councillor indicated that Castalla Town Council’s Social Services have so far spent more than one hundred thousand euros from January to March, which means an average of more than 33,000 euros per month, to cover different needs ranging from individual financial aid for food and other basic needs, an increase in professional staff, the purchase of health protection material and disinfection products. Both Bernabeu and Gimeno have committed themselves to “not spare a single euro in helping their neighbours to overcome this difficult situation we are experiencing”.

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