The Special Operations Command of Alicante collaborates in the prevention of unauthorized departures on Easter Monday in Castalla

  • The objective of the operation is to maintain existing containment measures to prevent further contamination

The Special Operations Command (MOE) of Alicante will move several militarized units to the municipality of Castalla on Monday 13 that will be operational from early morning. The aim of the operation designed by the Ministry of Defence is to help raise awareness of the need to continue to comply with the measures of home confinement decreed by the authorities, and to neutralize unwarranted travel. Regarding this issue, the mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has assured that “the members of the MOE will reinforce in our municipality the surveillance tasks that are already carried out by both the Local Police and the Guardia Civil, since it is well known that our neighbours go out to their country houses on Easter Monday”.

The mission will be carried out by members of the Special Operations Company (COEs), who will go to the capital of Foia de Castalla with the characteristic vehicles of their unit. According to the Castalla Town Hall, in conversation with the Commander-in-Chief of Communication of the MOE of Alicante, the aim is to make the neighbours see that following the rules of the State of Alarm is still essential, despite the positive news that has appeared in recent days, and one must not let down one’s guard. In fact, from Easter Monday onwards, new rules will come into force that will allow some of the prohibitions on workers in certain sectors to be relaxed, which can also lead to confusion among neighbours.

The journey of the members of the COEs to Castalla is not accidental, but coincides on purpose with Easter Monday, a holiday throughout the Valencian Community, in which it is traditional to spend the day in the countryside or in the second homes and huts to eat “la mona” with family or friends. For this reason, the military units “are perfectly informed of the critical points of presence, that is, the main roads and routes that could be followed by the people who, disregarding the measures in force, intend to go to these country houses”, assures the first Castilian mayor.

The tasks of surveillance and traffic control and departures will be developed from early morning throughout the municipality “because the main objective is to prevent new infections and that we all contribute in solidarity to stop the curve definitively,” concludes Bernabeu.

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