Castalla finishes the first Equality Plan between men and women of the municipality

  • The project, which is presented on 9 July and is already available at municipal website, aims to achieve effective equality

Castalla Town Council has completed the first Plan for Equality between men and women in the municipality. The Department of Equality has made public the calendar for the presentation and implementation of the ‘Plan for equal opportunities between women and men in Castalla’, the first roadmap of this kind to be approved in the town. On June 19, a meeting was held with representatives of the Equalitat to establish the guidelines that the Consistory will follow when deploying the plan until December 2020. In order to end the state of alert, the Government Team has finally been able to bring out all the inner work he’s done over the months of confinement and start with the measures and activities set out in the document.

According to the promoter’s calendar, the Equality Plan will be presented publicly on 9 July to explain the details of the project and the activities planned for 2020. Subsequently, on 23 July, a meeting with the entities of the castellut associative network to start working following the indications of the roadmap. Later on, in September, the city council will take care of implementing it internally with its civil service.

“The objective of the Equality Plan is to achieve effective equality” stated the Councillor for Equality, Maite Gimeno. To this end, according to the councillor, “we are going to focus on eradicate gender violence, support reconciliation, reduce inequalities in the field of employment and to improve the participation of women in the political, economic and social”. The plan, which contemplates actions until 2023, It also provides for the integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities in all the actions that the Consistory puts in place.

It is worth noting the importance of citizen participation and the associative network throughout the process of drafting the project. In accordance with this, Gimeno has assured that “the outstanding role that the associations have played continues in order to implement the Equality Plan and to be able to reach all the corners of our municipality”. The Council will also soon collaborate with the industrial fabric of Castalla, one of the characteristics of the town.

The Equality Plan was initially approved by the Municipal Plenary on 3 December 2019, and definitively on 2 March 2020. The document went ahead with the support of all the municipal political groups. The neighbours of Castalla interested in consulting the details of the document can do so through the following link:

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