Castalla begins work to improve accessibility to the Municipal Retirement Home for 61,611 euros

  • The works, which are subsidised to 63% by the Generalitat Valenciana, will make it possible to unify the area of the Casa de Cultura with the Municipal Park

Castalla Town Hall has begun work to improve accessibility to the municipal Retirement Home, located next to the Casa de Cultura. The actions consist of the execution of an adapted ramp, to replace the current one, and the construction of an alternative route by means of a staircase. As the mayor of Urbanism, Raquel Guill, has declared, “the improvements are going to help us so that the older population of our city has the best conditions of access to the Retirement Home”.

The project, which had been put out to tender for 76,959.85 euros, was finally awarded for an amount of 61,611 euros. Of these, the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana has subsidised 63% of the total tender, i.e. 48,484.71 euros, as part of the aid aimed at financing actions to facilitate the improvement of accessibility to town halls and other municipal buildings by removing architectural barriers. Therefore, the Council must pay 13,126.29 euros to cover the renovation of the equipment.

The Councillor for Urban Planning, Raquel Guill, stressed that “the new ramp will be wide enough for the users of the Retirement Home to enter and leave comfortably”. Furthermore, the head of Urbanism added, “these works allow us to link the Municipal Park with the area of the House of Culture and the promenade, which up to now are closed. This is a project that the government team has been working on for some time, as it is one of the central points of Castalla”.

Moreover, this action is included in the Castalla Universal Accessibility Plan, drawn up in 2018. In this sense, the aim of the plan is to gradually make the municipality accessible, so that everyone can move around and develop in it autonomously and freely.

The improvement work began during the second half of October and the project is expected to be completed in a month and a half, before the end of 2020.

Mejoras accesibilidad hogar jubilado Castalla

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