Castalla carries out the campaign against the pine processionary in the groves of the town

  • The Department of the Environment has carried out the endotherapy treatment for the second consecutive year for a value of 2,270 euros

Castalla Town Council has carried out an endotherapy treatment on the local trees to fight against the pine processionary disease. The Department of the Environment carried out this action between 13 and 16 October for a value of 2,270.93 euros. Endotherapy is an alternative method to the spraying of phytosanitary products on the trees to prevent the appearance of the processionary disease in a quick and effective manner. This phytosanitary control campaign has been carried out for the second year running.

The Councillor for the Environment, Asun Vera, stated that “through direct injection into the trunk by means of needles or guns, the corresponding phytosanitary substance is distributed throughout the plant’s vascular system”. In addition, the head of the Castilian environment department emphasised that “endotherapy is a highly effective method of targeted application against a wide range of destructive pests, harmful diseases and nutritional deficiencies and avoids indiscriminate treatment”.

Specifically, the actions have been carried out in the groves of the following areas of the capital of La Foia: the municipal hostel, the Rico Sapena school, the Enric Valor secondary school, the sports centre, Punta la Peña street and the chapel.

Likewise, Asun Vera has highlighted the advantages of endotherapy over other methods such as aerial therapy “on the one hand, there is no atomisation or nebulisation of chemical products in the environment and, on the other hand, it is totally harmless to citizens’ health. Therefore, we can carry out the actions at any time of the day”.

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