Castalla promotes a Christmas campaign to support the hotel industry and local commerce

  • The initiative of the Department of Commerce aims to boost Christmas shopping with draws, competitions, offers and workshops

Castalla Town Hall has promoted a Christmas campaign under the title ‘This Christmas, Castalla is your best shopping centre’, to support the local hotel and catering industry in the coming years. The Department of Commerce, in collaboration with establishments castelluts, working to ensure that this year increase the level of sales and consumption of proximity, to help overcome the difficult circumstances that has imposed the health crisis marked by the Covid-19.

The city has more than 200 establishments, including shops and hotels, which provide a wide range of opportunities for the population and show the potential of the sector. The Councillor for Commerce, Maite Gimeno, stated that “the aim of the campaign is to promote shopping in local businesses during Christmas, ahead of the large shops, so that institutions, establishments and the residents of Castalla can contribute together to the growth of our businesses, at a time when they need our help and collaboration”.

Thus, the initiative is developed in two different lines of action. On the one hand, the Consistory will collaborate with the decoration of the establishments to improve their image and visibility. The Town Council will provide each shop with a red carpet, characteristic of this period, so that it can be quickly identified where the premises are located. In addition, a competition will be held to decorate shop windows in two categories – shops and hotels. To participate, interested businesses will have to decorate their displays with Christmas motifs and the winner will be decided by a vote on the municipal social networks.

On the other hand, the second line of action is the activation of local commerce, divided into five different actions. Firstly, a lipdub will be recorded with the shops, inviting them to buy in a different and attractive way. An advent calendar will also be created, which will function as a catalogue with the offers of the participating companies. Thirdly, the Christmas passport is a document that accredits the population to participate in a draw for products, after getting six stamps from the establishments, similar to the operation of the ‘tapaporte’ that is traditionally held in Castalla. In addition, the municipal communication channels will be used to disseminate and reach the maximum number of people possible. Finally, fifthly, there will be a programme of children’s activities with workshops and crafts, with the aim of encouraging children to combine their work with Christmas shopping.

With regard to the Christmas passport, the mayor responsible, Maite Gimeno, has proposed “that each citizen should get two stamps from the hotel and catering sector and four from the commerce and services sector, so that there is a fair distribution between the different types of establishment involved”. In this sense, added Gimeno, “it is important to help each other and ensure that no one is left behind. We are going to make sure that Christmas shopping is a boost to get us out of the difficult situation we are experiencing”.

In order to participate, interested companies only need to meet two requirements: to have a local shop and/or hotel business in the locality and to provide a product for the creation of the lots to be drawn. The Town Hall will cover the rest of the costs involved in the campaign such as the red carpet, promotional videos, paid advertising on networks, the production of posters and necessary materials, as well as the organisation of children’s activities.

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