Castalla signs an agreement with the Red Cross to work together with Social Welfare and the Environment.

  • The actions will focus on helping vulnerable people, young people at risk of exclusion, care for the elderly and environmental awareness, with a total cost of 34,564 euros

Castalla Town Council has signed an annual collaboration agreement with the Red Cross for a total of 34,564.04 euros. The agreement was formalised on Friday 5th March and provides for the Social Welfare and Environment councils to work together with the humanitarian institution to carry out different projects and campaigns. According to the town’s mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, “for the Consistory it is essential to strengthen ties and work hand in hand with organisations such as the Red Cross, as it allows the administration to reach out to the whole of society”.

Firstly, the Social Services area plans to act in three different areas with a total budget of 17,907.32 euros. On the one hand, this department will work on a programme of care for extremely vulnerable families. On the other hand, accompaniment for children and young people at social risk will be carried out. Thirdly, it will work on care for the elderly.

The councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, declared that “thanks to the agreement we will have specialised technical staff, material for the different workshops, activities and training programmes and help for those who need it”. In addition, Gimeno recalled that “attention in Social Services is essential to ensure that no one in our town is left behind because of the economic, health and social crisis of the Coronavirus”.

The Environment actions will basically focus on two aspects: prevention, awareness-raising and recovery of the natural environment, and general awareness-raising campaigns aimed at the entire population. Specifically, the Town Council has 16,656.72 euros for these actions.

The head of this department, Asun Vera, stated that “our aim is to improve public awareness of the environment, and to this end we have programmed a wide variety of activities throughout the year”. The department has also taken on a new environmental technician to help with the calendar and the work of the green area.

In this way, thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between the City Council and the Red Cross, the administration has reinforced its involvement in Environment and Social Services. These two areas have gained in importance since the advent of Covid-19 and, although they were already taken into consideration, they have become essential. All in all, this is an investment that will improve the quality of life of the citizens of Castalla.

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