Castalla opens the deadline for submitting applications and applying for aid under the Resist Plan

  • Companies, self-employed and workers interested in benefiting from this shock plan can apply for the aid between 16 and 30 March

Castalla has opened the deadline for submitting applications for aid under the Plan Resistir. This is the shock programme set up by the Generalitat Valenciana with the collaboration of regional councils and town councils to financially help the sectors most affected by the health restrictions, with the economic losses that the Covid-19 crisis has caused. The mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, explained that “the aim of this direct aid is to contribute to sustaining the usual running costs that many businesses in our town continue to bear despite the decrease in their income or the closure of their establishments”.

Companies, the self-employed and employees interested in benefiting from this aid can apply for it between 16 and 30 March, both included, after publication in the National Database of Subsidies (BDNS). In this way, Bernabeu explained, “residents who wish to apply for this aid have a period of 10 working days to apply for it”. In this sense, said the mayor, “we will continue to help the people of our town who are having a hard time because of the health, social and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The application forms and their annexes can be downloaded from the municipal website. Anyone can access them through the notice board, in the ‘Instancias’ section. In this way, the application for aid can be processed telematically through the website, without the need to go to the municipal offices.

Specifically, the Plan Resistir grants have an amount of up to a maximum of 2,000 euros for each self-employed person or microenterprise with up to 10 workers (inclusive) and 200 euros per worker affiliated to the Social Security on 31 December 2020 of these microenterprises and self-employed persons. In order to receive the full amount of aid, interested parties must duly justify the corresponding expenses.

In the locality, the total budget of the call amounts to 313,009 euros. This amount will be financed 62.5 % through the contribution of the Generalitat Valenciana, 22.5 % corresponds to the Diputación de Alicante and the remaining 15 % corresponds to the contribution of the City Council. In this case, the Consistory castellut must contribute 46,951.35 euros.

Antonio Bernabeu also expressed the desire that “this aid will reach all those people in Castalla who need it, from the City Council we are with all our neighbours and this is one more way to improve their situation, of all those that we have launched since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ayuntamiento Castalla

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