The judge closes the case against the mayor of Castalla after accrediting his legal action in several traffic disputes reported by a local policeman

  • The court upholds Bernabeu’s actions and the technical reports, and dismisses the charges of prevarication brought by the agent

The Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Ibi has agreed to close the case against the mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, who was denounced for alleged administrative prevarication by an agent of the Local Police, on account of two traffic disputes that the mayor resolved, supported by two reports from municipal technicians. This is the decision taken by the judge, María del Carmen Feltrer García, who has also declared final the order of 20 November 2020, which agreed the provisional dismissal and the archiving of the preliminary proceedings. Likewise, the local police officer, José Ramón M. A.

The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has declared that “at all times I have acted in good faith, based on the technical reports of the corresponding department, and not in an arbitrary manner, as has now been ratified by the courts”. The mayor also insisted that “our will has always been to help all the citizens of Castalla, to the best of our ability, without breaking any rules or laws”.

The facts date back to the summer of 2019, when a local police officer filed a complaint against the mayor and another officer for an alleged crime of administrative prevarication. The mayor had exempted two offenders from paying towing and municipal vehicle deposit fees for reasons of ‘administrative efficiency’.

On the one hand, the Local Police sanctioned a local lorry driver for driving without insurance or MOT. After regularising the necessary documents, the lorry was still being held by the police despite having all the documentation up to date. On the other hand, a vehicle belonging to the Despertar association, an organisation dedicated to the care of people with functional diversity, had been parked in a prohibited area, although it did so exceptionally because it was a street market day, although the place was not properly signposted at the time. Bernabeu considered these situations to be ‘unfair’, which is why he took the appropriate decisions to resolve them, after receiving the relevant technical reports, as has been accredited in the courts of justice.

In this respect, Antonio Bernabeu stressed that “it has been confirmed that we acted in accordance with the criteria of administrative efficiency, with the backing of the recommendations of the technicians and their reports, without incurring in any type of offence or infraction”.

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