Castalla will have a new residence and a day centre in the town

  • The Generalitat Valenciana has announced the construction of these two infrastructures to improve social services in the town

Castalla will have a new residence and a day centre in the town through the ‘Pla Convivint’. This has been confirmed by the Generalitat Valenciana, which has announced the construction of these infrastructures in the capital of La Foia, within the Valencian social services infrastructure plan. According to the official document published by the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies, the residence will provide services for dependent elderly people and the day centre is planned for people with functional diversity.

For his part, the mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, has referred to this announcement as “very positive news for our town, as well as for all our neighbours. In Castalla there are now more than 10,000 inhabitants and having a residence in the town to care for our elderly population is an increasingly necessary service”.

Likewise, the Town Hall has advanced that the residence will be built from the adaptation of the current sheltered housing, in Río Vinalopó street. In this sense, the infrastructure will have a capacity of around 50 places to care for the elderly. The councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, declared that “the Generalitat Valenciana will finance 100% of the budget for these two infrastructures, and it is they who set the guidelines for all the services that each facility must have in order to adequately fulfil its function”. On the other hand, the municipal technicians are going to study together with Conselleria, which is the best location for the day centre, which is still to be decided.

In turn, the councillor detailed that “from now on, both the Regional Ministry and the City Council will be in contact to make progress on the construction of these projects”. In addition, Gimeno highlighted the work carried out beforehand to ensure that these two infrastructures reach the city: “we have spent more than three years in meetings with those in charge of the Generalitat, work that has been ongoing since the previous legislature, so that two projects that are so important to us can finally see the light of day”.

According to the Council, the organisation plans to deploy the ‘Pla Convivint’ in four years, between 2021 and 2025. For this reason, this is the deadline that the council has set for the start-up of the residence and the day centre.

The objective of the construction of these facilities, which will also be implemented in other towns in the Valencian Community depending on the needs of each area, is to ensure the capacity to provide public places through a structure integrated in the territory and deployed in the Social Services Departments. In this sense, the city of Castalla belongs to the Department 15 Alcoià-Comtat.

Castalla NdP Residencia

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