Castalla makes a credit amendment of 1,280,376 euros to revitalise the local economy

  • Among the projects that the City Council plans to undertake are the construction of the new municipal pavilion, the refurbishment of the Enric Valor house and aid for local commerce

Castalla Town Council has decided to make a credit modification of 1,280,376 euros. As explained by the mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, “with this injection of money, the government team intends to revitalise the local economy, depleted by the health, social and economic crisis of the Covid-19”. In addition, Bernabeu clarified, “we have the opportunity to mobilise a large amount of resources, necessary to improve the services of our municipality, as well as build new infrastructure and facilities that we consider necessary for the prosperity of Castalla”.

In this sense, Bernabeu explained that this readjustment aims to “give a definitive boost to some projects that are well advanced in the contracting process and only need to define how much money will be used to carry them out”. For this reason, the Town Council has called an emergency plenary session for tomorrow, Wednesday, to approve the initial credit modification. In addition, the mayor has announced that in 15 days a second credit modification of a larger amount, around 3,619,624 euros, will be carried out to cover the rest of the major projects that the city has pending.

Specifically, the first readjustment will allow the Town Council to have the necessary liquidity to undertake the following initiatives: the construction of the new municipal pavilion, for 871,476 euros; the rehabilitation of the Enric Valor house, 210,000 euros; the drafting of the project for the music building, with a total cost of 86,900 euros; the aid to commerce, to which 60,000 euros will be allocated; the construction of a skate park for 27,000 euros and other works of Historical Heritage, with an allocation of 25,000 euros.

For her part, the councillor for the Treasury, Gema Sánchez, explained that “the first modification will allow us to undertake the most urgent projects, which are at an advanced stage in the contracting process. The second credit readjustment will be dedicated to the other important initiatives that are also pending”.

Until now, the Budgetary Stability Law, better known as the ‘Montoro Law’, prevented local councils from using cash surpluses, even if they had liquidity. Recently, the central government has relaxed the spending rule, in 2020 it was already possible to spend the surplus of the year and in 2021 each municipality can use the money from the cash surplus to tackle the respective projects.

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