The second credit amendment will inject more than 3.6 million euros into the local economy to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic

  • The City Council has focused on investments that will allow improvement works in emblematic buildings of Castalla and a multitude of projects
  • The nearly 5 million mobilised are the municipality’s own funds and represent the most important economic commitment in the history of the city

Castalla will bring the second credit modification to the municipal plenary in May for debate and vote. The readjustment would allow the council to make improvements in energy efficiency, the environment, rural roads, as well as renovations and improvements to the Casa de Paco Rico and other municipal buildings such as the Auditorium, the Casa de Cultura and the old council building itself. It would also serve to boost local economic recovery after the slowdown caused by the pandemic. In total, the credit modification amounts to 3,643,864.99 euros and would also help to undertake a multitude of smaller projects in the city.

The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, explained that “the amendment is financed by the municipal treasury surplus and would make it possible to carry out the main projects we have set ourselves”. In this sense, added the mayor, “we do not intend to spend in two months what has been saved over the years by successive councils. The investment will be made over the next two years and, at the same time, funds will be generated and aid and subsidies will be received”. Bernabeu stated that “in Castalla we have guaranteed economic solvency, in accordance with our income and expenditure forecasts”.

This action is complementary to the one approved last April, close to 1,300,000 euros, carried out as a matter of urgency to advance in the process of contracting major projects. Between the two, the Consistory could mobilise almost 5 million euros to meet the infrastructure and service needs of the town.

Castalla Modificación de crédito

In this sense, the Town Council will take the second credit modification to a plenary session in the next few days for debate and voting. The mayor assured that “the government team has analysed the impact of the credit modification on the public coffers to confirm the municipal solvency. According to our forecasts, the final impact on the accounts would be much less than the 5 million mobilised thanks to the budget surpluses and other additional revenue streams generated by Castalla”. In fact, Antonio Bernabeu stressed that “we are fully aware that we are managing public money and we are going to use it to improve the quality of life of all the residents of Castalla and to boost the economic activity of our municipality when we need it most”.

Among the many initiatives contained in the credit modification is the action to be carried out in buildings of the historical, cultural and heritage of our city. Also the house of Paco Rico and various municipal buildings, in which improvements will be made to infrastructure and furniture, as well as maintenance work. Another action to be carried out is the refurbishment and improvement of the old town hall and the Casa de Cultura. In the area of the environment, the creation and recovery of the Río Verde footpath and other landscaped areas will be carried out. This item also takes into account the asphalting of streets and the repair of rural roads, the rehabilitation of parks and other facilities. It should be noted that some of these projects have their origin in the proposals that arose in the processes of citizen participation, which were promoted by the government team in the last legislature. Examples include the construction of the new Sports Pavilion, the refurbishment of the Enric Valor House, the new building for the Music Band and others.

For her part, the councillor for the Treasury, Gema Sánchez, stressed that “we will also dedicate the money to numerous minor projects, but in any case of great importance for the town”. Likewise, the councillor for Tourism, Maite Gimeno, pointed out that “we are going to act according to strict criteria of moderation, responsibility and rationality to dedicate public money to investments that improve the services that the people of our town receive, as well as helping them to overcome the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic”.

The government team recalled that the Budgetary Stability Law, better known as the ‘Montoro Law’, prevented local councils from using their surplus cash – money they had saved – even if they had liquidity. Recently, by agreement of the Congress of Deputies on 20 October 2020, the fiscal rules limiting the use of liquid cash surpluses by local councils for investment and current expenditure were suspended.

Castalla Modificación de Crédito 2

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