Castalla promotes public awareness with an environmental awareness and clean-up campaign

  • The ‘It’s in your hand’ initiative of the Department of the Environment will run for ten weeks between May and July 2021

Castalla Town Council has activated the environmental awareness and citizen cleanliness campaign ‘It’s in your hands’. The councillor for the Environment, Asun Vera, who is responsible for the initiative, explained that “the aim of the plan is to educate the citizens of our town through the acquisition of some respectful habits with the environment to improve daily coexistence”.

For his part, the mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, recalled “the importance and responsibility that all citizens have in caring for the environment and our immediate surroundings”. The mayor added that “in Castalla we have natural spaces of great value and it is our obligation to take care of them so that we can continue to enjoy them for many years to come”.

The council has launched a series of ten posters addressing different environmental problems that can be solved by changing everyday actions under the slogan “Together, let’s take care of our environment”. These designs can be seen on social media and municipal communication channels, as well as in public buildings and the usual poster display locations.

Castalla campaña sensibilización medio ambiente

Each of the posters addresses a specific issue. Among others, we can find issues such as responsibility for pet excrement, the deposit of cigarette butts, the proper use of the toilet, the proper management of the Ecopark and the waste collection service, respect for street furniture and the heritage of the town or the correct use of the different containers and bins. In addition, the council’s posters also offer useful advice so that the people of Castelló can act appropriately.

The campaign will run for ten weeks, between the second half of May, when the programme was launched, and the third week of July, when it is due to end.

A tree for Europe

The Mayor of Castalla and the Councillor for the Environment took part in the planting of a tree for Europe with a specimen of the Chinese Soap Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata). This initiative of Team Europe seeks to raise social awareness about sustainability at a local level and the Town Council has joined in. The councillor responsible for the Environment, Asun Vera, declared that “this tree symbolises our commitment to the fight against climate change”.

The event took place in the town of Castalla, at the roundabout located at the intersection of Ronda Foia-Sector Oeste, Calle de les Eres and Calle Benlliure.

Castalla campaña sensibilización medio ambiente

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