The City Council takes the files to Plenary to hire the services of cleaning buildings, the management of sports facilities and the swimming pool


The Castalla government team takes to the Extraordinary Plenary session on Thursday, July 1, the approval of the contracting files for the cleaning service of public buildings and facilities, as well as the management service of the municipal sports facilities (sports center and swimming pools) of the sports center municipal.

The two tenders are now going out to public bidding after the completion of both contracts, and given that they are currently in the extension phase. The councilor for Contracting, Gema Sánchez, explained that “these are two very important tenders due to the cost they entail for the municipality, which is why they are taken to plenary session for approval.” The councilor has also ensured that “both contracts continue to have the same characteristics as the previous ones and there are no substantial modifications in their formulation.”

Regarding the contract file for the management service of municipal sports facilities, sports centers and swimming pools, the base budget for the tender amounts to 396,782.09 euros, VAT included. The contract would be for two years, with the possibility of an extension for another three years, so the total amount can reach 1,983,910.44 euros.

The contract includes the services provided by sports instructors for swimming lessons and directed activities, lifeguards, reception and customer service, and also the care of the concierge at the municipal sports facilities dependent on the Department of Sports. Likewise, there are three differentiated blocks. On the one hand, the services required in the municipal sports center, which includes coordination, customer service and concierge. Block two includes municipal sports services such as the bodybuilding service, municipal sports schools aimed at minors and adults. As for block three, the courses of aquatic-sports activities and lifeguard are included.

Regarding the file for contracting the cleaning service of dependencies and buildings dependent on the Castalla City Council, the budget is 346,210.47 euros, VAT included. The contract is for two years with the possibility of extending it for two more years. The total amount is 1,384,841.88 euros.

The contracted services include cleaning the old Town Hall and the offices where the Town Hall is currently located, nature classroom, culture house, castle, peace courts, food markets, auditorium, agricultural municipal service, PQPI, warehouse of works, school groups, sports center, multipurpose building, social services, adl / civil protection, dependencies of the Local Police, tourist office, EPA and Casa Paco Rico.

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