The students of the IES Enric Valor of Castalla elaborate triptychs about the author for the Department of Tourism.


The information on the figure of the writer can be collected at the Tourist Office and shows the main links between Valor and the town.

The students of the IES Enric Valor de Castalla have produced four leaflets about the local author. After working in class on the life and work of Valor, the students have made a final work in triptych format and have donated it to the Department of Tourism. The first year ESO A, B, C and D classes have designed informative posters with the most important moments of the writer Enric Valor i Vives (Castalla, 1911 – València, 2000), his main creations and awards, as well as the traces and links of the author with the city.

The project was presented at the premises of the public high school. The event was attended by representatives of the students who designed the leaflets, the teachers in charge of supervising the project and the councillor for Tourism, Maite Gimeno. All of them explained the most important details of this educational project with a strong local accent.

The aim of the designs is that visitors who pass by the Tourism office can pick up the triptychs. Enric Valor, un castallut universal’ is the title of the works. In this way, the universality of the author becomes one more attraction of the capital of La Foia, protagonist of some of the most famous rondallas. The students’ designs will help people who come to Castalla to follow in Valor’s footsteps and get to know the literary figure better.

For her part, the councillor for Tourism, Maite Gimeno, said “the enthusiasm with which the students have worked to raise awareness of the figure of Enric Valor through these triptychs. The councillor explained that the Town Hall “is very happy and grateful for this initiative of the local children”. In this sense, added Gimeno, “it is very important that their efforts will have continuity beyond the classroom and help people who visit us to discover the figure of the author castallut”.

The leaflets provide basic information about the biography of the writer, known for being a great rondallista, novelist and grammarian. In addition, they also include outstanding fragments of his work, such as ‘La rondalla del medio pollo’ and recommendations of novels, grammars and other texts. Photographs, itineraries, QR codes and the names of the children who have participated in each of them complete the designs.

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