Castalla manages three lines of aid totalling more than 180,000 euros for companies and the self-employed

  • The aim is to help the sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and to boost trade and business in the municipality

Castalla Town Council, through the Department of Finance, has again launched three separate lines of aid, which together amount to 181,643.45 euros, aimed at businesses, the self-employed and to boost local trade.

The aid aimed at minimising the economic impact of Covid-19 on SMEs, micro-SMEs, small self-employed entrepreneurs and professionals comes from a grant from the Provincial Council of Alicante, which totals 71,991.69 euros.

In this case, the maximum amount eligible for subsidy is 3,000 euros per applicant and is intended, above all, for current expenses such as the self-employed fee, monthly rent of the premises, consultancy costs, among others. The deadline for submitting applications is 15 working days, so the last day is 4 August.

On the other hand, economic aid is also being launched for self-employed workers and micro-companies whose activity has been affected by the pandemic, within the framework of the Plan Resistir II, approved by the Generalitat Valenciana. The total amount is 69,661.76 euros. The maximum amount an applicant can apply for is 2,000 euros. The deadline for submitting the application is 10 working days from its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante (BOP).

This aid is intended to subsidise running costs such as renting commercial premises, electricity, water and gas supplies, among others.

In addition, the Town Council has launched economic aid to the citizens of Castalla through gift cards for spending in local establishments. In this way, local commerce is encouraged and promoted. In general, 1,333 cards of 30 euros each will be put into circulation, totalling 39,990 euros in total. The deadline to apply for the cards is 20 days from the time of publication in the BOP.

The requirements for applicants are to be registered in Castalla for at least one year, be over 18 years old and be up to date with tax obligations. The deadline for spending the cards is 15 November 2021.

The councillor for Finance, Gema Sánchez, explained that “these are very important aids for the sectors that have suffered most from the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to help as much as possible”. In this regard, Sanchez has assured that “I want to emphasize that all those interested in this aid can get all the information on the municipal website, with differentiated information as each aid has its particularities and different deadlines”. Sánchez also insisted that those who have any doubts can contact the Local Development Agency (ADL) to resolve them by phoning 676 71 27 09 or by emailing

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