Castalla Town Council meets with relatives of people repressed during the Civil War

  • The government team has explained the progress made in terms of historical memory and announced that the exhumations in grave 32 of the municipal cemetery of Alicante will begin in June

Castalla Town Council is making progress in the project to recover the historical memory of the municipality. The members of the government team met last Saturday 29 January in the Casa de Cultura of the town with the relatives of the people repressed during the Civil War who are buried in the grave number 32 of the municipal cemetery of Alicante.

The aim of the meeting was to explain to the attendees the work of exhumation of victims of the Civil War and the Dictatorship, which will begin in June, as planned. In addition to residents of Castalla, there were also people from other parts of the Alicante region, such as El Verger and Monforte del Cid.

The councillor for Heritage, Maite Gimeno, expressed “the support of the Castalla Town Council for the initiative and the interest in continuing the work on new graves in the future”. In this sense, the councillor stressed the importance of “recovering the historical memory of our municipality, in an exercise of justice with the ancestors of our citizens”.

Those who attended the meeting were able to ask the councillor and the mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, as well as representatives of the Arqueoantro association, which will carry out the excavations, any questions they deemed appropriate. Genetic DNA samples were also taken from the living relatives in order to carry out the analyses and identify their relatives.

For his part, the mayor Antonio Bernabeu has also reiterated the “municipal responsibility to help families who want to know where the remains of their ancestors rest so that they can rest in the cemetery of our city”.

As reported by the Consistory at the time, the project has a municipal investment of 51,160 euros and a grant of 38,370 euros from the Generalitat Valenciana through the Department of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality.

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