Castalla tenders the services of organisation, assembly and management of the San Isidro Fair for 92,974 euros


The Consistory has broken down the specifications into seven lots and has repealed the ordinance on the payment of fees for the occupation of public roads during the course of the fair

Castalla Town Council has published the tender specifications for the services of organisation, coordination, assembly and management of the San Isidro Fair 2022 for a total of 92,974.04 euros. The specifications are broken down into seven lots, so that each bidder can opt for one or more packages.

Specifically, the Consistory has established the lots of modular stands for specific exhibition sectors (14,338.50 euros); Stands institutional structures (15,761.50 euros); WC sanitary modules (5,445 euros); Security and surveillance (3,997.84 euros); Medieval market (21,780 euros); Correfocs (8,470 euros) and electricity and lighting works (23,031.20 euros).

Likewise, as indicated in the specifications, the assembly and dismantling of each lot must be carried out between 12 and 17 May 2022, both days included. In this way, everything will be ready for the celebration of the XXVIII edition of the San Isidro Fair on 13, 14 and 15 May.

The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has stated the intention of the government team to “celebrate a high level and attractive event for the whole region and the surrounding villages. The Fair should be an economic, tourist and cultural engine for our city and we are all working towards this goal, to modernise it and make a leap in quality. In this sense, the current edition will have a total budget of 130,000 euros for its development and assembly, which represents an increase of 40,000 euros compared to 2019, the last year in which it was held.

Castalla NdP Pliego Feria San Isidro (1)

Abrogation of the ordinance for occupation of the public highway for the 2022 Fair

On the other hand, the last plenary session of the Castalla Town Council approved the repeal of the ordinance of payment of fees for stalls or exhibitors who come to participate in the San Isidro Fair for occupation of public roads.

As explained by the Councillor for Finance, Gema Sanchez, “all exhibitors and stalls that come to participate in the Fair of San Isidro de Castalla and occupy a space on the public road will not pay any fee this year, because the ordinance is repealed”. In this way, insisted the councillor, “we seek to encourage and encourage participation in this event which is so important to us”.

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