Castalla celebrates International Women’s Day with workshops, exhibitions, lectures and readings


The activities will take place this March and are part of the III Women’s Week with a program for all audiences

The Castalla City Council has presented a complete program of activities for the III Week of Women. The Department of Social Welfare has prepared all kinds of proposals on the occasion of 8M, International Women’s Day, to be held throughout the month. Among them, we can find workshops, exhibitions, lectures, screenings and readings aimed at all audiences with women and equality as the main protagonists.

The Councillor for Equality, Maite Gimeno, has shown “the full willingness of the City Council to work for real and effective equality between men and women in Castalla”. Thus, the mayor explained that “we have prepared activities aimed at the entire population of our town in order to have the necessary tools to end gender inequality.

Before the 8M, the Consistory already contemplates different proposals. From March 1 until March 20 will be an exhibition on equality, called ‘Social Humor’ in the House of Culture. Between 7 and 11 will take place the workshop ‘Júzgate less, acaríciate more’ in schools, and the exhibition ‘Women and sport’ in the sports center facilities.

Thus, March 8 is the day that concentrates the main events. In the morning, there will be a badge workshop and information leaflets will be distributed among the people who come to the municipal market – an activity that will also take place on Saturday, March 5. In the afternoon, at 17:30 hours will take place the scape room ‘Women in time’ in the Casa de Cultura. Finally, at 7:30 p.m. the institutional manifesto will be read to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Castalla Programación 8M

Subsequently, on March 9 is scheduled the ‘Employability workshop for women’ at 19:00 pm in the Espai Jove of the Casa de Cultura, and the session ‘Talking about equality, employability and social justice’ for students in the first year of high school. On March 10, also in the Espai Jove, there will be a workshop called ‘Women and mental health in times of covid’ at 19:00. On March 11 the Municipal Library will host the storytelling ‘The chest of Equality’ at 17:30. Later, at 7:30 p.m., the play ‘Hablan’ by 3Teatre will be performed at the Municipal Auditorium.

Later, on March 18 will be held the screening of short films with gender theme made by high school students of IES Enric Valor, in collaboration with the ECULGE of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH). The screenings will be held at the Municipal Auditorium during school hours. Finally, on March 25 the ‘Purple Reading Club’ will be launched with the first meeting at 19:00 pm at the Municipal Library. From now on, the meetings will be held on the last Friday of each month.

For its part, the coordinator of the Social Services Area, Monica Martinez, explained that “the program of activities is aimed at the entire population of Castalla and aims to reach all ages and social groups”. As explained Martinez, “from the City Council will also conduct specialized training on gender violence for teachers and municipal workers.


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