Castalla City Council renews the annual collaboration agreement with the Red Cross

  • The agreement contemplates the joint work of the institutions in the areas of Social Welfare and Environment for a total of 60,987 euros

The Castalla City Council has signed the collaboration agreement for the year 2022 with the Red Cross. The agreement, which is renewed for the second year between the institutions, provides for the joint work of both in the areas of Social Welfare and Environment to carry out projects and campaigns in the town. In total, the agreement has an amount of 60,987.41 euros, of which 35,027.03 euros are paid by the Consistory while the remaining 25,960.38 euros are paid by the NGO.

The Mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, stressed “the importance of strengthening collaboration with the Red Cross, as it is essential for the City Council to work hand in hand with such organizations and entities, which helps the administration to serve all people in society and expand its framework for action”.

Specifically, the agreement contemplates five different items, which correspond to the fields of action of the planned activities. Thus, we can find the general costs of intervention of the Red Cross; care for families in extreme vulnerability; support for children and young people at social risk; care for the elderly; prevention, awareness and recovery of the natural environment and, finally, general awareness campaigns.

The councilors of Social Services, Maite Gimeno, and Environment, Asun Vera, have valued the renewal of the agreement very positively. For Gimeno, “working with the Red Cross from Social Services allows us to reach the entire population to meet the social needs of people in situations of greater vulnerability, a collaboration that has been active for years beyond the current agreement”. This situation, Gimeno added, “is especially important after the impact of the coronavirus in our lives, which has mainly affected health, but has also hit the economy of households”.

For its part, the mayor of Environment, Asun Vera, has put in value “the work of social and citizen awareness regarding the natural environment, with lots of activities, workshops and proposals in the calendar in which we have worked from the Department of Environment with the collaboration of Red Cross”.

In this sense, the agreement signed between the City of Castalla and Red Cross will result in an improvement in the living conditions of the residents of the town, as well as greater care of the natural environment.

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