¡Castalla Limpia! A campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cleaning up dog urine and faeces

  • The aim of the City Council is to put an end to the deterioration caused by animal droppings on buildings and public street furniture

Castalla Limpia! is the campaign launched by the City Council to raise public awareness of the importance of cleaning up dog urine and droppings. The municipal initiative aims to put an end to the deterioration caused by animal faeces on the façades of public buildings and street furniture and to improve street cleanliness. In this way, the council aims to stop the damage to lampposts, benches, litter bins, façades and other items of furniture in the town.

In this way, the mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, stressed “the need for all citizens to behave with civility and be responsible with our pets, which is why we are launching ‘Castalla Limpia! For the mayor, “this is very important to keep our city clean and improve coexistence between people and animals in Castalla”.

The Town Hall has reminded us that we should always carry a bottle of water with us when we walk our pets, so that we can clean up any urine they leave in public spaces. It is also the owner’s responsibility to pick up the animal’s excrement and deposit it in the rubbish bins.

The ¡Castalla Limpia! campaign has also been disseminated through the municipal social networks, with the aim of reaching as many people as possible. For her part, the City Council’s Environmental Educator, Carolina Ferrari, explained that “if we get used to following a series of good practices with our pets, such as picking up their faeces, cleaning up urine with water and walking them so that they do their business in the right places, we will improve the public hygiene of our city”. The head of Environment has encouraged the entire population to incorporate these actions into their daily lives, as “in addition to being an aesthetic problem, uncivic and that deteriorates the furniture, urine and feces of dogs are a health problem, which can transmit diseases to other animal species where we, humans, enter”.

The Town Council has recently inaugurated a dog park in Castalla
In January, Castalla Town Council also inaugurated a new dog park in the town. The new facility is located in the area of La Llauría and has ample space for the use of dogs. It also has leisure areas, fountains and bags for collecting excrement. The park has instructions for users to follow in order to keep the space clean and ensure the correct coexistence of the neighbours’ pets.

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