The Castalla San Isidro Fair opens applications for exhibitors wishing to participate in 2023

  • The City Council maintains the repeal of the fees for occupation of public roads and, therefore, the businesses participating in the event will not have to pay
  • For the 29th edition, the organisers aim to consolidate the format that was launched in 2022, with substantial improvements for exhibitors and visitors

Castalla Town Council has opened the application period for exhibitors wishing to participate in the San Isidro Fair 2023, which will take place on 12, 13 and 14 May. In the XXIX edition, the organisation aims to consolidate the format that was staged in 2022, with substantial improvements for exhibitors and visitors. This year, the Consistory is keeping the repeal of the fees for occupying public roads active.

The event is a trade fair reference in the area and brings together the best automotive, agricultural machinery and handicrafts samples in an innovative distribution of the exhibition sectors that will occupy almost 30,000 square metres. It is a comfortable and orderly distribution that will provide a perfect setting to enjoy an attractive offer for all audiences.

The town’s mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, has highlighted “the effort we are making at the Town Hall with the repeal of the public road occupation tax for the second year running”. According to the mayor, “in 2022 this responded to the need to revitalise the fair after the forced stoppage due to the pandemic. Now we are maintaining the measure with the aim of maintaining the attractiveness of the exhibitors and achieving a spectacular San Isidro Fair, which we have been working towards for many years”.

Thus, businesses participating in the medieval fair will not have to pay any fees. Among them, we can count the stalls, barracas, booths, shows, attractions and street vendors. All of them will be grouped into three commercial areas: attractions, exhibitors and sales areas. The commercial part, which will comprise the main artery Rep. Argentina with the automotive, machinery and large format complemented by the food sector and the multi-commercial sector of associations, tourism and various products. Secondly, around the Municipal Park and the adjoining part of the old town we will find the leisure, gastronomy, music and recreation themed area. And finally, the children’s fair will continue to be present in Avda. Onil and perpendicular streets.

Those interested in obtaining municipal authorisation to take part in the San Isidro Fair must submit their application to the Town Hall by 31st March, after approval by the Local Government Board. The application must include their personal details, the activity they intend to carry out and the dimensions of the facilities. All the information can be found on the website

In addition, at the expense of closing the cultural programme and official activities for 2023, the City Council is working on the provision of important services for exhibitors and visitors. The aim of the organisation is to facilitate the participation of exhibitors by increasing the provision of services compared to previous editions; at the same time, visitors will have the necessary facilities to enjoy a pleasant visit: car parks, information points, common areas, toilets, etc.

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