Castalla requests the delegation of powers to speed up the construction of the new residence for the elderly

  • The Plenary of the City Council gives the go-ahead to the adhesion of the Plan of Social Services Infrastructure Plan of the Generalitat Valenciana

The Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Castalla City Council has approved the adhesion of the municipality to the Social Services Infrastructure Plan 2021-2025 of the Generalitat Valenciana. Also, the Consistory castellut has approved to request the delegation of powers to tender the project and expedite the work of the new residence for the elderly.

The new facility, which will have a capacity for 60 users, will provide service to dependent elderly people in the area. It will also serve as a day center for people with functional diversity, according to the preliminary project presented by the City Council. All this with a budget of nearly 14 million euros, which will be borne entirely by the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies, under the Pla Convivint, which includes the final project and construction works.

The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, stressed that “the residence for the elderly is a project that we have been working on in the City Council for many years and that we are going to move forward hand in hand with the Generalitat Valenciana”. According to the mayor, “having the residence for elderly dependents and the day center will allow us to serve people who need it in our area. It is a very important achievement for Castalla both economically, as well as an improvement in the quality of life of our neighbors”.

According to the documents, the residence will be located in an endowment plot at the southern end of the city, between the streets Río Júcar and Río Segura. In total, the space covers an area of 5,575 square meters. The building will consist of a basement, the first floor, and the first and second floors. Four floors with all the necessary rooms and requirements for these facilities.

For its part, the Councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, has put in value “the joint work we have carried out during all this time with the staff of the Generalitat Valenciana to realize this vital project for the city”. Gimeno has insisted that “we continue to take steps forward and, as seen in the draft that we have presented, the residence for the elderly is getting closer, something that we have to rejoice all the inhabitants of Castalla”.

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