The San Isidro Fair in Castalla improves the basic services for exhibitors with more facilities

  • The aim is to provide a professional space and a pleasant stay for all visitors to the municipality on 12, 13 and 14 May

Castalla Town Council has made substantial investments to improve basic services for exhibitors at the San Isidro Fair 2023. These measures will improve the quality of the participating brands and visitors. The aim is to provide a professional space for exhibitors and a pleasant stay for everyone visiting Castalla on 12, 13 and 14 May.

Last year’s edition was already reinforced and improved with some changes and, this year, aspects of infrastructure and services will also be increased. The provision of electricity supply to around 70% of the exhibition space, as well as the provision of fibre optics to the large format area will be another important service to be incorporated this year 2023. For the first time, the exhibition will have a structured assembly plan in terms of time and scope.

This year’s participants will see their conditions improved through new, more functional, safer and aesthetically improved exhibition models, thus obtaining a compact commercial area that will also complement the large-format commercial area located on Avenida República Argentina. The area will house around 60 modular units.

The Mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has assured that “we hope that the exhibitors will obtain benefits in accordance with the effort they make to come and exhibit, and that this will help them to obtain interesting results in terms of participation”. The mayor explained that “I believe that, if we continue along this path, we will obtain a significant return of professional companies interested in exhibiting at our fair”.

Security, parking area and toilets

Another of the measures that have been taken for this fair is the reinforcement of private security at night, in order to ensure a pleasant, comfortable and safe visit.

Two parking areas will also be set up and reinforced. The area of the Auditorium – Southeast Access to receive vehicles entering the city from the A7 via the CV-815, which will be equipped with around 40,000 square metres. On the other hand, the Polígono Riu/Polideportivo – Acceso Noreste area will offer around 6,000 linear metres in its avenues, which means space for more than 1,000 vehicles.

The number of toilets will be increased to a total of 8. These toilets will be strategically located to provide a service for the 67,945 square metres of the fair, as well as having a permanent cleaning service. Finally, both the exterior and interior signage, as well as the information points at the entrances to the fair area, will be considerably increased and optimally restructured to offer the best possible service.

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