Castalla Town Council promotes a Democracy School for the students of Enric Valor Secondary School

  • The event is aimed at first and second year secondary school students and will consist of four sessions led by the political scientist Amparo Calabuig

The Castalla Town Council has promoted a Municipal School of Democracy for the students of the IES Enric Valor school. The training event is aimed at students in the first and second year of ESO and will consist of four sessions led by political scientist Amparo Calabuig. The councillor for Social Services, Maite Gimeno, explained that “these training activities help to promote democratic spirit and values among the youngest members of our city”.

This workshop will take place on Friday 19 May in the assembly hall of the IES Enric Valor secondary school. The political scientist Amparo Calabuig will be in charge of the training. These will be divided into 50-minute sessions. The activities will include courses, workshops and training programmes on democratic issues (active citizenship, citizen participation, human rights, governance and transparency).

The aim of these sessions is to promote and strengthen democratic values, principles and practices in society. The aim is to develop a citizenry committed to democracy and capable of actively participating in decision-making and in the construction of fairer and more democratic societies.

This is why the Municipal School of Democracy, promoted by the Consistory of Castelló, is subsidised by the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Generalitat Valenciana and promoted by the social consultancy EQUÀLITAT, participació i igualtat.

As explained by EQUÀLITAT, “democracy is a form of social and political organisation that attributes power to the citizens as a whole. Likewise, democracy is a type of state organisation in which collective decisions are adopted by the people through mechanisms of direct or indirect participation. It is therefore vital that citizens are aware of the different political systems”.

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