The Castalla Local Police is reinforced with the acquisition of technical means and new personnel incorporations

  • The police force has consolidated 2 officer positions, 4 new professionals have joined the force and 2 more are expected to be seconded

The Castalla Local Police has been reinforced with new personnel and the acquisition of the latest generation of technical resources. The police force has improved its services with the addition of four officers to the staff and has adapted to new technologies, as required by the current situation. The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, said that “the effort to improve the conditions of our Local Police translates into better services for the entire population of the city, which can live their daily lives with greater security”.

In this sense, the Chief of Police, Juan Carlos Mota, explained that “the new staff additions and the acquisition of technical resources are part of a project that began three years ago, with the aim of reinforcing the staff with human and technical resources, in order to provide a service that meets the needs and demands of the police in the town of Castalla”.

On the one hand, in terms of personnel, the Local Police has consolidated two police officer positions, until now covered by interim officers for years. In addition, four new professionals have recently joined the staff, through the open competition. The incorporation of two more police officers through the secondment procedure is also planned. According to Mota, the new incorporations leave a reinforced and balanced staff, “ready to attend to the services in an adequate and efficient way, since previously it was very difficult to establish an adequate service schedule due to the number of available officers”.

On the other hand, the Local Police has worked to acquire quality technical resources, with the aim of adapting to new technologies. In this section, the purchase of a MAVIC II Enterprise dual drone stands out, which has a high quality zoom and thermal camera. This device will make it possible to carry out all types of visual inspections from the air, damage assessment, search and rescue or police investigations, among others.

In addition, the force has also been provided with an integrator-promediator sound level meter, to provide a solution to noise nuisance of any kind, and an evidential ethylometer, which is very useful for carrying out quality alcohol controls and tackling the so-called “botellón” with all the guarantees and legal support necessary.

At the same time, the Castalla Local Police has been integrated into the Network of Digital Mobile Communications for Emergencies and Security of the Valencian Community (COMDES) through the TETRA system, which has meant an investment in adapted transmission equipment.The Chief of the Local Police, Juan Carlos Mota, explained that “this network provides a guarantee in terms of communications security, especially when emergency work is being carried out, and allows a direct connection with the different emergency actors: Civil Guard, Fire Brigade, Health Systems and other Police Corps. In addition, it has 98% coverage throughout the Valencian territory”.

Finally, both the Mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, and the Chief of the Local Police, have reported that they are working hand in hand to move forward in the construction of new premises, where to relocate the agents in a suitable place and with different characteristics to the current ones.

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