The City Council finishes the repair of the pumping station of Castalla Internacional in the middle of the month

  • The mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, assures that these works “return the urbanization to normal”
  • Technicians and specialists from Hidraqua with autonomous assisted breathing equipment have participated in the works

Castalla Town Hall, together with Hidraqua’s technicians and specialists, have been working on the repair of the faulty impulse pump in the area of the Castalla Internacional urbanization since last January. The company Hidraqua is responsible for solving the serious problem of obstruction that affected the daily lives of the residents of this important population center of the municipality. The mayor, Antonio Bernabeu, has reported that “residents can return to normal in the urbanization, once the pumping station that must send the wastewater to the treatment plant is fixed”.

The work to repair this infrastructure is being restarted after the tragedy that struck the municipality last January, when two plumbers, aged 38 and 59, lost their lives in a workplace accident while trying to repair the breakdown of the pumping station. For Bernabeu, “it is important not to forget that misfortune suffered by the two workers and their families”. The sad event, according to the first councillor, is still under judicial investigation.

The sewerage system in this residential area, located three kilometres from the town centre, has several sewage pipes. Near the area there is a water source, a fact which, added to the influx of wastewater, causes “overflows that must be discharged and which condition the lives of the people who live in the development,” explains the mayor.

Castalla Internacional 3

Castalla Town Council estimates that the works, in which specialists from the water company have participated and which have worked with complex safety measures and autonomous breathing apparatus, may be finished by the end of this week, around 15 March. Antonio Bernabeu is confident that “the neighbours will immediately be able to appreciate the improvements made, so that all the families of Castalla Internacional can return to normal operation once all the repair work on the drive pump has been completed”.

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