Castalla City Council promotes electronic administration and facilitates procedures through the web

  • Citizens can complete most of the paperwork from home without having to go to the Consistory’s facilities
  • Telematics applications and administrative procedures have increased since the beginning of the pandemic and will continue to increase

Castalla Town Hall has increased the number of telematic applications available through the Electronic Headquarters on the local website ( The Consistory has made available to the castelluts all the necessary telematic applications so that from their home they can carry out the procedures and receive the documentation from the local administration without having to go to the municipal facilities. The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, said that “we have made an effort to dump as many administrative procedures on the website of the City Council, with the aim of reducing time and bureaucracy that these procedures require, always complying with current regulations on data protection, and thus facilitate these steps to our citizens.

The commitment to digitalization has made the bureaucratic work more accessible in Castalla and has allowed that, during the pandemic, management is not paralyzed. In this regard, from the municipal computer services have reported that during the pandemic, “more than 100 people requested and received certificates of registration without moving from their homes.

Another service available to Castalla is the ’24 hour pin’ which allows citizens who do not have a digital certificate to carry out procedures and receive notifications related to them. According to the data handled by the IT department, “up to 60 people have used this method of relating to the administration in the months of confinement”.

Currently, in the ‘Citizen’s Folder’ of the municipal website are available procedures related to aid to sport, the set of scholarships to help students in the stages from kindergarten to university, which are using 2 out of 3 users. The Councillor for Internal Affairs, Gema Sanchez, appreciates this leap forward in the digitalization of the administration because “it allows us to manage the procedures with our neighbors in an agile way and we avoid displacements and agglomerations in the registry that, at this time could also be a risk to public health.

From the government team they advance that they will continue with this bet for the digitalization and soon there will be more procedures available, like the application for the gift cards and the aids to SMEs and self-employed -this procedure will only be possible to be carried out by the Electronic Headquarters. The range of resources available on the website will be completed with the most common procedures of Urbanism and Activities, as well as any other application that is of interest to citizens.

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