Local Police of Castalla starts a campaign to strengthen road safety in the municipality


The controls begin on September 14 and with the data collected a report will be drawn up to propose traffic calming measures

The Castalla Local Police will carry out a speed control campaign of the vehicles by means of a mobile radar during the month of September. The main objective of this campaign is to make a study of the speed of vehicles within the municipality in order to improve road safety in the city. The program, which will start on Monday, September 14, is scheduled to last one week.

The mobile radar will be installed in different locations in the town. Specifically, a total of 11 city roads have been selected for this device. As explained by the Chief Mayor of the Local Police of Castalla, Juan Carlos Mota, “the criteria for deciding these locations combine three areas: data derived from the analysis of the accident rate in Castalla, the detection of speeding by the Local Police and neighborhood demands. In addition, the Chief Mayor ensures that the police force has the capacity to adapt the plan and modify the controls according to the characteristics of road traffic in the town.

The Local Police remind us of the importance of respecting the established speed limits and the need to adapt driving to the safety conditions of the road in each case. The speed controls are aimed at detecting and reporting those vehicles that exceed, within the established legal margins, the speed allowed in the municipality.

In this sense, the Mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, stresses that “the willingness to perform these checks is none other than to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Castalla and increase the security with which all, vehicles and passers-by, can circulate through our streets. It does not have a collection purpose”.

The data obtained in these controls will be collected in a report that will allow the analysis and proposal of other complementary measures for the pacification of the traffic. The study will allow to know some aspects to be taken into account like the relation of accident rate in the urban area or the speed of circulation in the main roads of Castalla.

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