Castalla launches the Contingency Plan in front of the Covid-19 for the use of the sports centre

  • The Department of Sports has met with all the clubs and sports schools to explain the operation for the new course

Castalla Town Hall has drawn up a Contingency Plan for the use of the sports centre in front of Covid-19, aimed at users, schools, sports clubs and educational centres that make use of the municipal facilities. As explained by the Mayor of the town, Antonio Bernabeu, “our objective is to provide the conditions so that sports can be practised with the maximum degree of normality and with the minimum possibility of contagion”.

Over the last few weeks, the Department of Sports has met with all the sports schools and clubs in Castelluts to explain the details of this plan, with a view to the start of the 2020-2021 sports course. The set of rules to be followed is based, in general, on an increase in hygiene and disinfection measures; equipping the facilities and workplaces with more bins, separators, protective screens and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers; reducing the capacity and a plan for entering and leaving the facilities. In addition, each sports association will draw up a daily record, specifying timetables, coaches and users present at each training session and match in order to be able to track contacts in the event of possible infection by coronavirus.

The Councillor for Sports, Román Sáez, has highlighted the importance of following the rules established by the town hall and the health authorities in order to be able to enjoy sport. “Aspects such as order, punctuality and user hygiene are fundamental so that all the people of Castalla who practise sport can do so safely in our municipal facilities”, said Sáez. The councillor particularly emphasised the role of the youngest members of the public, “school children must follow the instructions given by their monitors and coaches”.

With this new roadmap, the members of the clubs that will train at the sports centre must follow very defined steps, with some differences between associations and sports. Each group will have to enter together, either through the space of the caravans (where each association will have a reserved space) or through the main door, to comply with the access system and avoid the accumulation of people. The technicians of the sports centre will take the temperature of each athlete before starting. Likewise, the changing rooms will remain closed during training sessions and will only be opened on request. Showers will be closed. For their part, users who are going to exercise individually must make an appointment in advance and follow the relevant instructions.

The Councillor for Sports, Román Sáez, pointed out that “with the Contingency Plan we have laid the foundations so that the sportsmen and women of our town can train safely. We hope to reduce the risk of contagion as much as possible and that users will make responsible use of the facilities, in accordance with the rules we have drawn up”.

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