Castalla celebrates 9 October with a programme of telematic activities aimed at children

  • Festivities distribute a thousand kits with information leaflets and the necessary material for children to participate through the municipal Facebook on the day of the Valencian Community

Castalla Town Council has organised a programme of telematic activities to celebrate the 9th October, the day of the Valencian Community. The Department of Festivals has considered that this is the best way to participate in this day of celebration for Valencians and to comply with prevention, hygiene and social distancing measures to avoid the proliferation of the Covid-19. For this reason, in collaboration with Makaranta, the council has designed a series of workshops so that the children of Castelluts can participate in the traditional events of this day in the safest way possible through the municipal Facebook.

The Consistory has distributed a kit with the necessary material and an explanation of each programmed activity through the four local educational centres with the aim of ensuring that all the young people who wish to participate can do so. The councillor for fiestas, Noelia Álvarez, explained that “the municipal corporation has put into circulation just over a thousand packs with the different elements to be used in the workshops, together with an information leaflet, so that all the children can celebrate this festival”.

In this sense, the Mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, stressed that “in the current circumstances marked by the Covid-19 our priority has been to make it easier for children to participate in the traditional workshops without having to maintain contact with each other. In other words, maintaining our commitment to culture and celebration without lowering our guard or renouncing the necessary precautions to fight the virus”.

Under the title ‘9 October at home’, the youngest children in the village will be able to interact in up to 8 different activities. The session will start at 9 am with the presentation of the project. From now on, until 5.30pm, the proposals will be presented on the ‘M.I. Ayuntamiento de Castalla’ page. Specifically, users will find ‘La mocadorà’, popular songs, ‘Soy Jaume I. ¿Y tú?’, virtual zumba, popular games, a cooking workshop to make ‘la terreta’ fritters, the Valencian roscón and a storyteller. A complete program with crafts, games, cooking, drawing and much more.

The mayor of Festivities also explained the Town Hall’s wish to celebrate the day of the Community of Valencia adapted to the current circumstances: “We wanted to acknowledge the children of the house, who have behaved magnificently during the confinement, with a programme of telematic activities so that they can enjoy the 9th of October”.

The participants will be able to share their experiences, doubts, photographs and everything else they consider through the e-mail After some of the programmed activities, prizes will be awarded to the participants.


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