The Local Police of Castalla seize a marijuana plantation in collaboration with the Guardia Civil

  • The officers have made the arrest after several weeks of monitoring and surveillance work

The Local Police of Castalla have seized a marijuana plantation in the town, as part of an operation in collaboration with the Guardia Civil. The arrest, which has been successful thanks to the cooperation between bodies, has taken place after several weeks of surveillance and monitoring of the suspect by local agents. The police have brought to justice the person arrested, who was found red-handed, allegedly cultivating narcotic substances.

The agents of the Castalla Police Force have recorded the results of their surveillance work in previous proceedings, informing the State Security Forces and the Court of what has happened. According to police sources, “the plants seized reached in some cases two metres in height and were in an advanced state of flowering”.

In a context marked by the social and economic emergency imposed by the Covid-19, the municipal security forces continue their preventive work to protect the citizens of Castalla and maintain order in the streets of the capital of La Foia. The Local Police work at all times to enforce the law and provide security to the citizens, in a context of pandemic where uncertainty is increasing. In this sense, it is worth highlighting the speed control campaign carried out by the Local Police in the municipality to reinforce road safety in Castalla.

On the occasion of this arrest, the Local Police of Castalla recalls that the cultivation of this type of substance can be a motive for crime according to article 368 of the Criminal Code. Furthermore, it can also be a serious offence, in accordance with article 36.18 of the Organic Law 4/2015 of 30 March on the protection of public safety.

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