Castalla gives out 4,000 euros to local elite athletes to support them in their disciplines

  • The Department of Sports has doubled the amount of the academic sports scholarship, each person will be eligible for a maximum of 800 euros

Castalla Town Council will distribute 4,000 euros among local elite sportsmen and women to support them in their activities during the year 2020. Of this amount, each person will be able to opt for a maximum of 800 euros. The academic sports scholarships are aimed at collaborating in the training and sports preparation costs required by elite sport with the aim of enabling athletes to achieve a higher level of improvement in their respective disciplines. In this sense, it is significant the commitment of the Department of Sports for this game, which has doubled its amount, located years ago in 2,000 euros.

The Councillor for Sports, Román Sáez, has affirmed “the will of the government team to promote and support our sportsmen and women in order to encourage competitive sport as a driving force for improving society”. Sáez added that “the aim of this aid is to create the conditions for the athletes of Castelló to improve their performance”.

To benefit from this aid, Castalla’s sportsmen and women must fulfil a number of conditions. First of all, they must be natives of Castalla or have lived there for at least the last four years. Furthermore, they must have the valid federation licence for the corresponding sport and be competing in state, regional or provincial championships. Thirdly, they will have to undergo the corresponding verification by the Town Hall and provide the relevant economic justification. Finally, they should be considered as an elite sportsperson in the Valencian Region in the list of sports results for 2019 published in the Official Journal of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV).

The head of Sports also wanted to reinforce this decision and declared that “elite sportsmen and women are real references and role models for the youth of our town, so we must take care of them and work so that they can train in the best possible conditions”.

Users interested in applying for the Academic Sports Scholarship have 20 working days after the publication of the call in the Provincial Official Gazette. That is, until 11 November.

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