Castalla equips educational, cultural, social and sports centres with 102 purifiers

  • The purchase has been made on an emergency basis for 23,358 euros to increase the comfort of users and students during low temperatures, in accordance with the protocols against Covid-19

Castalla Town Council has purchased, on an emergency basis, 102 air purifiers to equip the town’s educational, cultural, social and sports centres. The Consistory has invested 23,358 euros through the Department of Education with the aim of ensuring proper ventilation of the spaces in all circumstances. Specifically, the equipment will go firstly to the classrooms of the educational centres and also to the Adult School, the Ágora, AFA and Despertar associations, the Sports Centre, the Municipal Library and the computer room of the Casa de Cultura.

The mayor of Castalla, Antonio Bernabeu, has stated that “our aim is that during low temperature seasons it will not be necessary for the windows of the centres to be open as often as required by the Covid-19 preventive health protocols when air purifiers do not exist”. In this way, insisted the mayor, “we are going to increase the comfort of students, teachers and all types of users of the facilities on the coldest days and, at the same time, protect the health of all our neighbours, especially the youngest, during this pandemic”.

For his part, the councillor for Education Román Sáez assured that “at the Town Hall we are aware of the importance of this investment for our town, above all to provide our students with more security”. In this sense, the head of Education has referred to the speed with which the process to acquire the purifiers has been carried out, “with maximum speed, respecting the time and rigour involved in working with public money in accordance with the law”.

The new air purifiers purchased by the Castellut Town Council will complement those already installed in schools and institutes in the town, from an allocation of 8,000 purifiers for the entire Valencian territory by the Regional Ministry of Education of the Generalitat. In this way, the ventilation of all municipal spaces will be even better and they will be able to be used with greater hygienic and sanitary guarantees to stop the proliferation of the virus.

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